Hot 97’s DJ Funkmaster Flex isn’t used to his opinions and comments meriting a reaction. Sometimes they spark conversation and other times they piss people off. Fellow radio personality Peter Rosenberg seemed to fall somewhere in between Tuesday afternoon (April 3) when he called out Flex for creating “fake beef” against A$AP Rocky and Travis $cott.

During a taping of Ebro In The Morning, Rosenberg questioned Flex’s motives for directly calling out Scotty for “biting” Rocky’s style. He thinks Flex did it to stay relevant in conversation.

“Recently, in an attempt to stay hot in conversation, Flex does a lot of troll-y things that I don’t think are actually good for hip-hop,” Rosenberg said. “They’re just good for Flex. I love Flex. He’s the reason I’m in the game at all. I idolize him, and I think he’s a great person. However, sometimes the way he prioritizes staying hot, being on the ‘gram and being in the conversation, when really none of this is the music that’s in Flex’s heart.”

Flex took to Twitter Monday morning (April 2) and said a lot of rappers bit the “Fashion Killa” rapper’s style. When Pretty Boy Flacko retweeted, Flex called out Travis directly.

All of this didn’t make any sense to Rosenberg. Ebro tried to explain, saying it’s a part of the job and it’s not that deep.

“If I’ve never heard Rocky complain about it, I don’t know why someone else is bringing it up,” Rosenberg said.

Either way, A$AP Rocky is doing the damn thing in fashion. He’s always front row for fashion shows of the hottest designers like Raf Simons and Alessandro Michele, and his label AWGE teamed up with Japanese brand Needles to create high-fashion track pants.

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