Powers Pleasant, one of the original members of the Brooklyn-based Pro Era collective, has been the crew's go-to beatmaker since its inception. He's also crafted instrumentals for the likes Smoke DZA, The Underacheivers, Chris Brown, among others.

Well this week, PP linked with Joey Bada$$ and A$AP Ferg for his new song dubbed, "Pull Up," a song about flexing in their whips.

"Okay, wise man once told me keep my foot on the gas/Never look back, what's on my dash?/Never mind that, moving too fast/Gotta stay on my track/Servin' your hoe, that's a reflex/I'm on the go, I cannot relax/Diamonds and gold and the Rolex/Grippin' on that Glock 4, playing Russian roulette/Hold up, stay in your lane/Nigga never pass me," raps Joey Bada$$.

Ferg follows Joey's lead by rapping:

"I'mma pull up in the new Zonda/All my clothes designer/Twenty eighteen new Prada/On the yacht like a pirate/Broke niggas still in that Honda," raps the A$AP member.

In related news, A$AP Ferg recently sat with GQ, where he showed everyone the perfect way to die a due-rag.

Step One: Turn the durag inside out so that the seam in the middle is sticking up on the outside of the durag. You don’t want a weird, seam imprint in your hair.

Step Two: Place the durag on your head like a hood where the flap hangs along your neck lying flat and the front sits comfortably just above your eyebrows.

Step Three: Take one string in each hand and tie them together at the back of your head tight enough so it won't fall off as you sleep, but not where it'll give you a headache.

Step Four: Take one string in each hand and cross them at your forehead so they return to the back of your head on the opposite side. Make sure they lie flat.

Step Five: Tie the strings at the back of your head into a knot. Straighten the fabric so that's pulled tight. And remember: No polyester! Silk durags only.

Stream "Pull Up" below.