Over the years, Detroit’s own Magestik Legend (of The Black Opera) has proven to be one of the most solid MCs out of the Motor City. Now, as he gears up to release his third solo album, All This Time, he brings fans into his mind, journey and life with the mini-doc/music video for the album’s lead single, “Mind Woes”.

The seven-minute mini-doc shows the introspective journey of Magestik Legend, both the man and the lyricist. The clip opens with heartwarming footage and a gallery of touching photos of him and his family. “I look at life like a train station,” the Detroit emcee opens. “And every train is like a moment, a moving moment. And you always have that choice to be patient and wait for the moment or catch the moment as it arrives and catch the flow. But either way, that moment when you step into it, it’ll take you somewhere. Sometimes you know, sometimes you don’t."

The mini-doc, which skillfully sets the mood and tone of Magestik Legend’s newest project, then transitions into the single, “Mind Woes”. The aural sounding record features the D-Town spitter’s melodic, harmonious side as he vents about the internal struggle of self-realization and the ongoing conflict within one’s self. The visual shows the rapper’s day-to-day routine as we watch him create records, sip good Tequila, and smudge (sage burning for the uninitiated) among other things.

“A lot of us are trying to get somewhere. Some of us think we know where we’re going… while others just enjoy the trip. The journey. Sometimes I think the journey is the destination…and maybe time doesn’t exist,” he wonders.

All This Time is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon. The album will be everywhere on May 11. And if you are in Ann Arbor, MI you can catch him performing tomorrow. Check his IG below.