Oklahoma City Thunder announcer Brian Davis caught social media heat on Wednesday night (Apr. 11), after saying that star player Russell Westbrook was out of his "cotton-pickin' mind." The comment came after the point guard made a steal against the opposing team (the Memphis Grizzlies), which resulted in a few points.

As we know, this is an expression. Nonetheless, Twitter was quick to react to the comment. Many are calling for the termination of his position with OKC, while others say that the comment is just an expression.

"Brian Davis said Russ was out of his cotton pickin mind. Absolutely should be fired," one user wrote. Another commented, "It’s not a compliment it’s just a phrase bruh... 'you must be out of your g*d damn mind “ or ever lovin “ you must be out of your ever loving mind..."

Despite the controversial remarks made by the announcer, Westbrook, who was mentioned in a Kendrick Lamar song last year, made history during the game. After his 16th rebound, he became the first player in the history of the NBA to average a triple-double more than one time in their career. During Wednesday's game, Westbrook totaled six points, 20 rebounds, and 19 assists in a short amount of time on the court. The Thunder bested the Grizzlies in the end, 137-123.