Smino had the Twitter-sphere going crazy Monday (Apr. 2) when he announced the release of new Zero Fatigue merchandise, but it wasn't just typical fashion statements.

The 26-year-old rapper made a hoodie with a satin-lined hood to keep hairstyle perfectly in tact. Cleverly named 'Silk Pillow Jumpy', after his blkswn cut "Silk Pillows" with Akenya, the maroon piece is everything any natural fella or lady would love.

The St. Louis creative first gained popularity for his breakthrough hit "Anita" in 2017. After a string of releases and amazing collabos, Smino dropped the visuals for the fan-favorite track, "Wild Irish Roses."  The hoodies sold out almost immediately after the rapper's clever tweet. As far as a restock on the hoodies, details remain fuzzy.

However, the rapper teased fans even more when he posted a video of himself in a black on black satin hoodie that he said he was supposed to drop for Black History Month but got too high to remember.

The satin hoodies bare resemblance to Grace Eleyae's Slap (satin-lined caps). Created in 2014, her business now carried satin-lined products like pillowcases, scrunchies and baseball caps. A few fans pointed it out to the rapper, but he was unaware of the amazing product.

Nonetheless, Black Twitter is still having a field day. Check out some of the best tweets about the hoodies below: