The reported tension between J. Cole and Smokepurpp seems to be heating up. It was originally suspected that Cole dissed Smokepurpp and Lil Pump on his recent single "1985" off of his album, KOD. The rapper may have snuck in a few subliminal messages on the track, but now Smokepurp is returning the favor. The rookie recently led a chant aimed at Cole at Purpp's concert in Atlanta's Buckhead Theatre last Friday (Apr. 20).

As seen in footage taken from the concert, fans were overheard shouting "F**k J. Cole" repeatedly. The video is a little blurry, but it appears that Purpp was also going along with the chant and encouraging fans to get louder.

This definitely isn't the first time Smokepurpp has dissed the Dreamville artist. In the past, he has thrown jabs at the rapper regarding his artistry and legacy. He has also stated that Lil Pump is more talented than Cole and Kendrick Lamar combined. While Purpp has often used his platform to throw shade in Cole's direction, the veteran's lyrics in which he supposedly obliterated Purpp and Lil Pump's career, probably ignited the "F**k J. Cole" chant. On "1985," Cole says: "I must say, by your songs I’m unimpressed/But I love to see a Black man get paid /And plus, you having fun and I respect that [...] These white kids love that you don’t give a fuck/Cause that’s exactly what’s expected when your skin black."

Purpp's response comes shortly after Lil Pump, who recorded a video on Instagram brushing off the alleged reference. "Wow, you get so much props, you dissed a 17-year-old,” he sarcastically said. “Lame a** jit," he said.

Check out the footage from Smokepurpp's concert here.