A teenager by the name of Dee (formerly known as Audeva), decided she wanted to take her celebrity crush to junior prom by any means necessary. While the real Michael B. Jordan is busy filming Creed 2, Dee found another way to have the actor escort her on this special day.

On Twitter, Dee claims it took her three hours to get ready for her night out with her special date, adding that she procrastinated in finding another suitor. Instead of being down in the dumps, she opted for a suited up cutout of Jordan to take with her to St. Hubert’s Catholic High School for Girls. Students there are obliged to find dates on their own and ask them out instead of the "traditional" way. The teen lugged around the super-sized creation all night and even danced with the figure on the dance floor.

After making it to The Shade Room and receiving over 100,000 likes on the post, Dee hopes to gain the attention of the 31-year-old star to get an opportunity to "meet her man."

This isn't the first time the Hollywood star has made a teenage girl completely fan out over him. When a shirtless Jordan appeared on the screen in Black Panther, it caused a teen to clench her retainer so hard that it snapped. Jordan later reached out, saying he felt "partly responsible" and to let him know if he could play a part in replacing the retainer.