Tiara Thomas is no stranger to the tour life. To promote her newly released EP FWMM, short for F**king With My Mind, Thomas announced her United States tour dates starting April 20 in Denver. Thomas will visit much of the West Coast before landing in Philadelphia, New York, D.C. and Atlanta.

This announcement comes shortly after building a steady fan base while on tour with H.E.R. The 26-year-old singer is most known for her work on Wale’s “Bad.” She told Noisey, “I co-produced ‘Bad’ and wrote the guitar for that song in my dorm room at school” as a sophomore in college after visiting Atlanta during spring break."


Since the success of the song, she released a handful of singles and an acoustic EP Don’t Mention My Name. FWMM is a short and sweet 5-track look into the complexities of the young songstress while exploring love, freedom and breaking out of common perceptions. “You know, I’m in my head a lot about a lot of sh*t,” she told Noisey. “And so that’s why I decided to call the EP F**king With My Mind. And I think I was really honest with it. It’s fun and it’s sexy and its vibey, but I've got serious songs like ‘I Need.’” See if your city is on the tour list and listen to the first single “FWMM” below.