We really can't get enough of Hollywood's latest comedy it-girl, Tiffany Haddish. Not only did she steal the show in 2017's comedy blockbuster Girls Trip, but she's stolen our hearts with a host of hilarious stories, Instagram moments and and random occurrences that only she could get away with. Recently, she was named as one of TIME's most influential people.

Whether she's spilling piping hot tea about her party nights with Beyoncé, explaining New Orleans swamp tour experiences with the Smiths, or professing her love for Oscar-winning actresses to their faces, it's safe to say that Haddish's charm is found in her unapologetic and carefree approach to life.

"When you laugh, it like, massages all of your organs and it's just like, lighting you up and I think it's so dope," she's said about the power of spreading laughter and joy. "Even if I don't want you to laugh and you laugh, I'm like, 'Well, at least they laughing, I'm healing them!'"

Check out VIBE's compilation of Ms. Haddish's most incredible moments below.

1. Her incredible stories have us LOL-ing

One of the hallmarks of Haddish's appeal is her ability to tell stories. In what's most likely the moment that catapulted her to the upper echelon of story-tellers, Haddish hilariously recounted her time in New Orleans with the Smiths on a Groupon-funded swamp tour. Since then, she's discussed a whole bunch of amazing tales.

2. When she reveals more about Beyoncé than Beyoncé reveals about Beyoncé

A national firestorm was created after Haddish revealed during an interview that an actress bit Beyoncé in the face during a party. In an earlier interview, she said that the Queen Bey took a selfie with her because she was about to beat up the actress. This was a lot of information to gather about the notoriously private superstar, and we're glad that chatty Haddish was the one to tell the tale.

3. She keeps it real on Instagram

Comedians often don't turn off their comedy chops, and Tiffany is no exception. Her Instagram (@tiffanyhaddish) is the best place for her to keep it 100 at all times. She discusses her celebrity crushes, her life and her experiences on the regular for her 2.4 million followers.

4. She geeks out over celebrities as well

She's jumped over a velvet rope to say hello to Meryl Streep at the Oscars and she's cried over Oprah Winfrey surprising her on the Ellen show. Despite her high-profile life and millions of dollars, Tiffany has no problem reminding us that she's a fan in addition to a star.

5. She lets us in on her past

Whether she's making us laugh by revisiting her experiences as a Bat Mitzvah energy producer, or putting us in our feels by revealing her troubling childhood and life before fame, Tiffany's rawness and candid honesty makes us love her even more.