UPDATE: 4/23/2018 2:30 pm ET

Just moments ago, Waffle House shooting suspect Travis Reinking was placed in police custody. The Metro Nashville Police Department tweeted the news, confirming his arrest. This ends the manhunt that started Sunday morning after Reinking reportedly opened fire at a Waffle House in Antioch, killing four people.



Police are urging residents to lock their doors and notify authorities if they see a half-naked man walking about, as he's their primary suspect in a Waffle House shooting that's left four dead.

"Keep your doors locked, keep your eyes open. If you see this individual -- if you see a nude guy walking around this morning -- call the police department immediately," Metro Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron said.

According to CNN, at 3:23AM Sunday morning (April 22) Travis Reinking exited his truck carrying a "assault-type rifle" and shot and killed two people standing outside of the restaurant. He then went inside and continued firing killing two more people.

The murder spree only stopped when a customer hearing the gunshots hid the near the bathroom. Once Reinking looked at his riffle, the brave customer decided to ambush him.

"He saw the gunman looking at his rifle. At that point, the shots had stopped. So he decided to rush the gunman, actually wrestled that assault rifle away, tossed it over the counter. At that point, the gunman then fled," Aaron said.

After disarming 29-year-old Reinking and throwing the gun over the counter, the gunman reportedly fled the scene and threw off his jacket. Later Sunday morning it's believed that he's only wearing pants.

The motive as it stands now appears to be random. With more than 1,500 locations, a spokesperson for the chain took to Twitter to offer condolences to the lives lost.