While Nicki Minaj is executing her comeback season after releasing two new songs, SEX Young Thug gives fans a peek of his own collabo with the “No Frauds” lyricist entitled, “Hear No Evil.”

Thugger took to Instagram to share a preview of the new song this past Wednesday (April 11) in a cryptic, red dimmed visual. The clip begins with flashes of what appears Nicki Minaj under a blood red smokescreen. From there, a young boy cloaked in red-tinted darkness appears to deliver Young Thug’s haunting bars with sign language.

He brings to life the potentially chilling track with bars like, "I never killed anybody, but I got somethin' to do with that body/I got the streets on my back, carry it like I'm movin' a body/I told ’em to shoot a hundred rounds, like he trying to movie the body/It was like 11 in the morning, skipped the school, that's a truancy body."

Not too far off, Nicki Minaj also unleashed her first new records of 2018 with the hard kicking, “Chun-Li” and the bouncy “Barbie Tingz.” The two have also been teasing a countdown for something new when Thug posted a tattoo of the number 3 after Nicki tweeted “4” and “3” (which have since been deleted).

Watch the Young Thug and Nicki's eerie visuals above.