Zaytoven's talents intersect between two very different paths in life, where good versus evil meet but somehow find common ground within a spiritual mediator. The 39-year-old powerhouse trap producer is also a man of God. He makes music that glorifies drugs as a means of income, and drug use as a means of recreation, yet, he still makes music for his choir every Sunday in Atlanta.

The ATL-based producer's new Redbull documentary, The Note: Zaytoven, explores that stark dichotomy, and his ascension into a career in beat making which took off when he produced Gucci Mane's  2005 hit “So Icy.”

The film showcases footage of Zaytoven’s family and church sessions. In addition to being a producer, he’s also an expert in cutting hair, which served as a prominent source of income when he was trying to launch his music career. The doc also showcases interviews with the likes of  Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Young Dolph, Bankroll Fresh, and Cassius Jay.

For the beatsmith, the term "trap" could be defined as a form of hustling by any means necessary. “Trap music doesn't have to be just the music you hear us do,” he says at Los Angeles restaurant Wolf. “When I was cutting hair I felt like that was my trap. I started selling haircuts. I started selling beats, that's me trapping. So trap music is like hustling music to me.”

Ultimately, his main goal is to keep reaching a new generation and continue to inspire. “The younger generation is really my motivation. I’ve been doing this since 'So Icy' back in 2005. So when you still have the new guys checking for you and they still want to work with you, that’s inspiring,” he told Billboard. “It makes me want to step up to the plate and go hard, even when new producers come in and they hot and doing music that’s going hard.”

Watch The Note: Zaytoven above.