Andre 3000 keeps quiet and keeps to himself. The reclusive yet respected ATLien has mostly stayed out of the spotlight for the past decade, giving fans new music sparingly. Yet early Sunday morning (May 13) Mr. Benjamin surprised everyone when he released two somber songs in honor of Mother's Day.

The first track "Me & My (To Bury Your Parents)" depicts a simpler time in 3000's life. Over a soft piano rhythm played by Kevin Kendrick, Andre sings of sitting passenger in the car as his mother--wearing rollers in her hair and her nightgown--make a quick trip to the grocery store. Not forgetting the time shared with his father, on the second verse Andre describes driving to the football game, him sipping on Cognac and the jokes they shared. For the second song "Look Ma, No Hands" James Black plays piano while 3000 serenades fans for 17 minutes as plays the bass clarinet.

Both songs come about five years after 3000 lost his mother Sharon Benjamin-Hodo five years ago on his birthday, and then his father Lawrence Harvey Walker a year later. Social media was a mixed bag after 3000, famously loved and known for his lyrics, released two songs without a "proper" verse.

Listen to "Me & My (To Bury Your Parents)" and " Look Man, No Hands" below. Oh, did we also mention he's now on Instagram too?

Tis a good day, indeed.