Dallas rapper Cuban Doll is having her #MeToo moment, and she refuses to remain silent about it. Over the weekend (May 5), the rising raptress posted videos of her face covered in bruises and claimed they were from her rumored boyfriend Tadoe. Then yesterday (May 8), Doll got back on Instagram to proclaim the domestic abuse in their relationship happened a lot more than we knew before.

"I've been scared to speak out about this situation, but I refuse to continue to hurt in silence," Cuban Doll said in her post. "This isn't the first or second or third time that this has happened to me. It has been happening for awhile and I never spoke about it publicly because I never want people to think that I'm weak."

While she doesn't list specific details about past instances, her most recent altercation with Tadoe stems from rappers Trippie Redd and Tekashi 6ixNine's social media beef that blew up at the beginning of the month. After going back and forth with Redd, 6iix9iine went live on Instagram with Cuban Doll in another attempt to demean him. Tadoe, who's a cousin of the "Deadman's Wonderland" rapper, saw the livestream and apparently wasn't happy about it.

The drama exploded once Tekashi got on the phone with Tadoe to defend Cuban Doll. Shortly afterwards, the "Gunmo" rapper claimed that she was good in a new post with a photo of both of them together. Meanwhile, Cuban Doll posted another photo of her and Tekashi together on her timeline, which most likely added fuel to Tadoe's rage.

In her statement, Cuban Doll says that she wants to set an example for all women who have been in her shoes, especially those who are her age. The 20-year-old rhymer also shames anyone who makes, songs, memes and other jokes about girls like her who've been abused.

"I've decided to speak up today because I know I have a lot of young women looking up to me and I have to be a leader. Speaking up has made me feel better. Don't be scared because you are not alone. I no longer have to hide what's going on anymore, and I won't ever let it happen again."

Read her full statement below.