After releasing a string of successful singles like the radio-friendly “Choosin’” featuring Tory Lanez, bubbling artist, Dr. Maleek has finally released his debut project titled, Complications.

This 11-song effort, which the singer describes as an EP, is a collection of ballads centered around experiences of falling in and out of love.

“(The EP)'s relatable for all types of people who have had any relationship problems…from beginning to end.” Maleek explains via e-mail.

Outside of a star-studded appearance from the formerly mentioned, Tory Lanez, Dr Maleek chooses to keep a circle closed on Complications, only collaborating with close associated acts DJ Bugsy and DJ Swanzy. This affords Maleek the opportunity to showcase his skills as an artist, while avoiding being overshadowed by big name features.

With Complications, Maleek creates a youthful anthology of infatuation that will transcend the genre barriers. Thus, being the music industry’s perfect introduction to the talent that is Dr Maleek.

Stream Dr Maleek’s Complications