Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry aired her dirty laundry out on Twitter over the weekend after trolls tauntingly speculated why ESPN dropped her from their NFL coverage. The back and forth prompted McHenry to say she was demoted because “I was white and I made too much.”

In a series of tweets that have now been deleted, McHenry clapped back at a Twitter user replying  “I was demoted because I was white & I made too much. First to go. Actually…”

Jemele Hill, a former SportsCenter anchor at ESPN who was also demoted earlier this year for venting her political frustrations on Twitter, scoffed at McHenry’s claims. McHenry was laid off from the sports network in 2017 among other employees as a way for the company to cut costs, according to Deadline.  Now McHenry is a Fox News commentator and host of Like It Or Not. Since the layoff, McHenry has claimed her right-leaning views were stifled by ESPN.

She clarified in an interview with Deadspin that “there were a number of factors” that played into ESPN demoting her, but insists it will all be revealed in a book “one day soon.”