A Florida woman was arrested after falsely claiming she had a medical emergency when in reality, she really wanted beer.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Jennifer Sue Roberts dialed 911 twice in a four hour timespan on Friday (May 4) to report a medical emergency. When the paramedics arrived after the second call, she was visibly intoxicated and calmly stated that she needed beer. Police made the arrest Friday and she was released the next day on her own recognizance.

The Tampa Bay Times reports this isn't the first time the 57-year-old misused the 911 system for non-emergencies. Records show  she has made 28 false calls since February. Roberts, who also goes by Jennifer Sue Sunday, is no stranger to the court system. Her prior arrests include battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence and criminal mischief.

She was also previously arrested in Pinellas County for abusing the 911 system again in August 2014 and June 2016.

Alcoholism is real you guys, especially in Florida. While it may not take the title of the most alcohol-consumed state, it has highlighted bizarre arrests connected to spirits. At the top of the year, Michael Lester called the police on himself while he was drunk driving. Polk County Sheriff's officials shared with reporters Lester was on the phone with the dispatcher as they helped steer police into his direction. There's also Matthew Falkner, who in 2011 drunkly handed over a taco as a form of identification to officers. The 30-year-old was found in at Taco Bell with his foot on the accelerator of his car while his vehicle was in park. The engine caught on fire, but no one was hurt in the incident.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Pinellas County Sheriff's Office