A 58-year-old Florida man was found by police lying in a pool of blood Tuesday,(May 29) after suffering a gun shot to the head. Authorities discovered his wife fired the potentially fatal shot all because she didn't like his tone.

The Miami Herald reports Tony and Lawanda Brown, 57, who operate a consulting business together, were working in their loft. Tony reportedly asked her to do a Google search to find a template for a project they were working on however Lawanda said she didn’t like the way he asked her. Lawanda said he walked out the loft and “it was all a blur” after that.

A .38-caliber revolver was found in the couple’s bedroom. Tony is suffering from gunshot wound to the head and is in critical condition at the UF-Health Hospital in Jacksonville, according to WPTV.

Lawanda was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and booked into the Nassau County Jail, reports the New York Post. Her bail is being held at $500,002. Tony was nominated in 2001 by former president George W. Bush for a spot in the US Treasury Department.