The Internet erupted in outrage after a white fan was filmed saying the n-word on stage with Kendrick Lamar during his set at the Hangout Festival on May 20. While many POC fans seemed to be offended by the incident, it appears that some hip-hop artists have mixed opinions on the subject.

Vince Staples, Talib Kweli, and T.I. were two of the first artists to reveal their thoughts about white fans saying the n-word on stage. Kweli took the expected stance on the matter, suggesting his fans should never use the expletive in his presence. "My white fans ain’t dumb enough to say n**a around me. And if they did they’d be checked," he said.

Vince Staples, on the other hand, seemed to be indifferent to the debate altogether. "I hate the 'who can say the n word' conversation," he tweeted.

The debate regarding white fans and the n-word has been around for quite sometime. While some hip-hop artists have stated that the act is not okay, others have admitted to letting it slide in certain types of settings. Although many critics blamed Kendrick Lamar for "setting up" the girl to fail, he seemed to pick a side by stopping the set and checking the fan immediately after she said the word.

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