Even behind a black-and-white tint, the glitz and glamour of Jennifer Lopez's "Dinero" video still shines brightly. On Thursday (May 24), J.Lo debuted the Joseph Khan-directed reel which stars fellow Bronx bomber Cardi B and the summer radio mainstay DJ Khaled.

The visual arrives days after Lopez performed the track at the Billboard Music Awards (May 20). The same intensity she displayed with a handful of dancers was matched in the aforementioned video. A little bit of bragging between Lopez and Cardi is also on display as the two read each other's momentous TIME magazine cover stories.

In 2017, Lopez shared that her next album, titled Por Primera Vez, will solely feature songs in Spanish. "There's just something about it that is more romantic and passionate to me, and that's such a core part of who I am," she said to HOLA! USA. "I feel like I sing better in Spanish. We're all interpreting songs as we go through life, right?" The 48-year-old entertainer's last album, A.K.A., dropped in 2014. With her forthcoming ninth studio project, Lopez looks to a realm of reinvention, adding: "There's always a new beginning."

Equipped with the quintessential J. Lo dance break, watch the full "Dinero" video up top.