It isn't unusual for artists to invite guests on stage to perform verses of their hit songs with them. But things went horribly wrong when Kendrick Lamar invited a white female teen onstage during his performance at the Hangout Music Festival in Alabama on Sunday (May 20). Lamar had to stop the entire set and check the girl after she blurted out the n-word several times.

Kendrick mistakenly invited the teen onstage to perform his single "M.A.A.D. City" from his album Good Kid, M.a.a.d cityIn fan video taken during the concert, the girl appeared to be excited and ready to showcase her ability, but things went terribly wrong after Lamar signaled for the DJ to drop the beat. In the first take, the girl – who identified herself as Delaney – began singing the verse:  "Man down/Where you from, n***a? / F**k who you know, where you from, my n***a?" The crowd was instantly upset, with echoes of booing filling the arena. Then Lamar cut the music.

Unaware of what she had just said, Delaney questioned why Kendrick stopped her performance. "What? Am I not cool enough," she asked. Kendrick replied: "You had to bleep out one word." In that moment, the clueless teen realized the error of her ways. Although the crowd didn't seem to be too forgiving, K. Dot decided to give her one more chance, but unfortunately, she failed to stay on beat. So, Kendrick ended her rendition prematurely. "It's over. It's over."


It isn't entirely surprising that white people say the n-word at concerts. There have been several reports of predominantly white audiences screaming the expletive during rap sets, but it is rather shocking this girl didn't check herself while standing right across from Kendrick Lamar. She had one job, and she blew it.

Check out the cringe-worthy video below.