Kevin Hart had a very frightening experience on Thursday afternoon (May 3). His private jet reportedly blew a tire while landing on the runway at Boston's Logan International Airport. The comedian took to Instagram following the scary incident to explain what actually happened.

According to the actor, he was traveling to Boston to see game two of the NBA conference semifinals between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers. As the plane began to descend for landing, it somehow busted a tire, although the reason is still unknown. "God is Good with a capital ," Hart wrote in a caption of him and is crew squatting in front of the damaged plane. "Had our first serious Airplane scare today. Our planes tire busted on one side as we were landing and s— got real for a second."

Luckily, no one was hurt. "No body was harmed…Our pilot handled the situation perfectly. Once again God is GOOD!!!!" he added. "#Blessed ….P.S you Can tell that spank is still shaken up by the way he is posing 😂😂😂."

Hart also shared a close-up video of the blown-out tire on IG stories, as well as video of the firefighters who responded to the scene.

The Federal Aviation Administration later released a statement to People, confirming that "a Gulfstream IV aircraft landed at Boston Logan International Airport at 3:29 pm and blew a left main gear tire." "Passengers were deplaned by stairs and the aircraft was towed to the ramp,” the statement reads. "The runway was closed temporarily to make sure all debris was cleared."

We're glad Kevin and his squad are okay.