We hear artists come through and offer their talent as currency to occupy space in your internal playlist, then we have artists that offer themselves as the subject of worth. .Knight of Maryland is the example of the latter. After teasing us with his work in summer '17 with "What I Learned Last Year" the rapper with the uncanny flow is back with two new singles that cover the main topics of the moment, self confidence and upbeat outlooks on "Day By Day" and getting to the money through hardships on "Bag Mode", both from his upcoming EP Potential:Intermission​.

“'Day by Day' is meant to be listened to first, followed by 'Bag Mode,'” .Knight relays about his newest tracks. “Contentment followed by confidence, which I feel is a mini-blueprint to how we should live. First, accept your current situation and then develop enough confidence within to improve it," he explains. "It’s complex- like humans. Whether you are working on personal growth or chasing a bag, it’s a day by day process. Potential:Intermission​ is an extension of this idea, but shaped in a story format.”

Follow the true spirit of .Knight's wishes by listening to the below songs in order, as "Day By Day" has an infectious bounce that will stay in your head long after you press stop on your music playing device.

And "Bag Mode" gives you the more trap sound that is out right now ripping the industry. Be on the lookout for more music from the now New York resident .Knight.