It no secret legendary comedian Martin Lawrence is an avid hip-hop fan as he continuously worked with many impactful artists through his comedy such as the late Biggie Smalls and Method Man. And considering his taste, he's a J. Cole fan as well.

The beloved Martin creator posted a video on his Instagram page listening to J. Cole’s standout song “1985 (Intro to The Fall Off)”, the closer on the critically acclaimed fifth album, KOD.

The video shows him admiring Cole’s venomous, yet big brother-esque lyrics about the current wave of colorful haired, drug driven rappers often found on Soundcloud.

Martin shows his admiration for the rapper in his caption as it reads, “Your album is 🔥!! I love it! Keep doin your thing brotha.”

“My goodness! J. Cole…this boy…man,” he said in the video as he makes the good ole’ stank face.

Check it out below.