Before everyone was screaming #FreeMeekMill, many fans were picking sides in what will be remembered as one of the most epic rap beefs in the genre. In 2015, Meek was at war with Drake. The feud eventually produced Drizzy's Grammy-nominated single "Back 2 Back." Many later argued this was the beef to end Meek's career once and for all, but it's been nearly three years later, and he's still here. In fact, in a new interview with Hot 97 on May 10, Meek suggested he would be open to the idea of a collaboration with Drake.

When asked if he would ever work with Drake again, the rapper stated: "It's possible. Anything is possible." Meek also explained his feelings towards his past nemesis. "I don't have hate towards him, and I don't believe he has hate towards me," he revealed. "When I was in that situation, I seen in the media he was like 'free Meek Mill' that's when I was at my down point when I didn't have anything going on with music."

Meek and Drake previously worked on the collaborated singles "R.I.C.O." and "Amen" in 2015 and 2012 respectively.  The Philly native also discussed knowing each other before the beef. "Before we had a little rap issue. I knew him as a person, and he supported. And that goes for anybody," he explained. "Drake is the biggest thing in music right now. That was another hurdle I jumped over."

So, will Drake and Meek ever hop on a song together again? The verdict is still out on that. In the meantime, watch the full interview above.