Meek Mill stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club to discuss a myriad of topics since his release from prison for a probation violation.

The Dreams Worth More Than Money MC talked about the importance of giving back to the people after the support poured in while he was behind bars.

"It really gave me a different outlook to see that many people supporting me at one time," the Philly native told the radio show's hosts. "When it came to real life, people standing outside in the rain protesting, and actually being a part of helping me get back on these streets...I feel like I'm entitled to give back."

Meek was sentenced to two to four years in prison for popping a wheelie back in Oct. 2017. During his time in prison, numerous reports about the injustice he faced during his lockup, as well as the demands Judge Genece Brinkley seemed to ask of him, made the rounds. However, he's hoping that there will be real change in the criminal justice system, and that he's thankful for the platform he's been given.

"I know real change is about to happen in Pennsylvania," he stated. "[Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf] is working on real stuff that don't entrap people... I was locked up by a corrupt cop, but he's saying that no one should be on probation for 11 years... we sitting down talking about 'how can we change laws?' This is even incredible that I'm sitting down and talking about this... I don't think I should go from playing in the house with my son [to] shackled from ankle to wrist, top to bottom, within a matter of a sentence because I popped a wheelie."

"They got somebody like me that got seven lawyers and can't get out of a situation, imagine someone who doesn't have the tight backing that I got going on...they'll never get relief," he continued.

Meek (real name Robert Rihmeek Williams) also talked about eliminating bad vibes and bad people from his circle, in order to "control" and surround himself with more positivity since his release on Apr. 24.

"I ain't just going to the five parties in a row...sometimes that brings negative vibes," he explained. "I feel like God put me in prison, like 'all right, this your real test...this is where the real gangstas at...' I did time in prison, being locked in a room 24 hours a day...some people [social media] can affect you, but this is not a real problem...I still got a base of people that were still showing me love."

Meek spoke his mind about former girlfriend Nicki Minaj appearing to side with Judge Brinkley after being asked about him in a recent interview, stating that he thought she "shouldn't have said nothin'."

"I wasn't feeling that," he sighed. "When it come to freedom, I don't care who it is...if I know someone, and that man's freedom is on the line, and I could say something to help the situation? I'mma say it, I don't really care."

Watch his whole interview below.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: YouTube- Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club