Michael B. Jordan, the "sex symbol extraordinaire," according to "The Breakfast Club," appeared on the iHeartRadio program (May 8) to discuss things from his personal life (dating) to his professional day-to-day (acting).

To kick off the 24-minute Q&A, the crew asked Jordan to describe his life after Black Panther's pop culture takeover. "It's insane. Kind of known before, now I can't go anywhere. The mall is off limits, my Postmates bill went through the roof, I'm in the house," he said. "It's just incredible, especially with the kids, the next generation. Just seeing how excited they've been after seeing the movie and their reaction to me walking around has been pretty incredible." The comic book fanatic said given his love of the medium, playing Marvel's Killmonger "was like a no-brainer."

While he keeps a diary of all the characters he's played so far, Jordan plans to use his experience gained from television and film and apply that to his production company, Outlier Society, a feat that he said is a "big deal."

"...When you got to make the decisions when you get a chance to employ people, put key people of color, women, in those positions that are really going to make a difference," he stated.

On the personal side, Charlamagne Tha God attempted to get Jordan to open up about his dating pursuits, but the 31-year-old deflected by saying he's "going to keep my personal life out of this." When asked about white women being a preference, Jordan stated that he likes "women period, all women, everybody's on the table."

One Hollywood figure that's expressed her interest in the New Jersey native is Tiffany Haddish. According to Charlamagne, the comedian is holding off on something personal until Jordan takes her up on her advances.

The rest of his non-response to Haddish's request continues around the 17-minute mark, plus his thoughts on Donald Glover's "This Is America" video and if he identifies with his Black Panther character.