Pop-rock singer/songwriter Michael Bolton revealed to MLive that he's working been working for six years to create a documentary about the great city of Detroit. American Dream: Detroit will be released for one day only (May 15).

"There are incredible places but there are also a lot of great people that we met here and became very attached to during the process of filming," the "How Can We Be Lovers" musician detailed to the Michigan-based website about his enthusiasm for the city. "You find yourself rooting for them and realizing that the greater the city of Detroit does, the greater my friends will do and that gives you a personal stake in what you're doing."

Bolton, a Connecticut native, wanted to display aspects of Detroit's past in order for viewers to gain a better understanding of where the city is headed. The Michigan city is well known as the birthplace of the Motown sound.

"You see Detroit as the 4th biggest city in America," Bolton says of the doc. "You see the hayday. You see this bustling giant amazing city that looks like NYC on its busiest day. I think that helps you understand the past of a great city."

"Through our film, we're able to show restaurants and businesses started by young entrepreneurs who could have opted to move to Silicon Valley and tough it out there. But they're doing it here," he continues. "What you can't replace is the great people you got to know that you are very friendly with and you want to succeed."

Watch the interview below.