A Milwukee teen’s life was cut short over a video game system.

The burned body of 15-year-old Dennis King was discovered by police Sunday (May 20) in an abandoned house. An autopsy showed he died from blunt-force trauma and stab wounds, according to the New York Post.

Police arrested 21-year-old Malik Terrell after he fled to Chicago Monday (May 21).  Documents claim Terrell beat King with a hammer, stabbed him in the neck and burned his body because he thought King stole his video game console. The Post reports Terrell brought King to his house to be questioned by him and his younger brothers about the stolen game system.

One brother tried to coerce King into admitting he stole it by beating him, and Terrell joined in using a hammer. Terrell asked his little brother to get lighter fluid and then stabbed King in the neck. They later took King to a nearby abandoned house, doused his body in lighter fluid and set him on fire.

Terrell is charged with first-degree intentional homicide and faces up to life in prison. No bond has been set and his first court appearance hasn’t been scheduled. His younger brothers are both minors and haven’t been charged.