Mozzy unveiled the the second video treatment from his latest EP, Spiritual Conversations, "In My Prayers," on Friday (May 25).

Here, the Sacramento, Calif. native shows his softer side by exposing his spiritual thoughts and love his comrades.

"Damn Fourth I just hate it was you/We from a place they don't play by the rules, you gotta stay by a tool? "Much rather spend my day in the shoe/Versus the whole gangland and in a suit, we missin' you fool," the 30-year-old raps.

In the video, the Fake Famous rapper finds himself inside of a desolate warehouse as he raps without a hook.

The song serves as the intro track to Spiritual Conversations, which is the prelude to the forthcoming album, Gangland Landlord.

In Aug. 2017, Billboard spoke with Mozzy just after the release of his , 1 Up Top Ahk EP.

"I liked hip-hop and gangster rap in general, but I was West Coast," Mozzy said when asked about his influences. "I was throwing up Westside as a kid. I had dreams of being with Death Row. Tupac’s my favorite rapper. That’s probably one of my biggest influences, but also, you’ve got Malcolm X. I read a lot about him and admired his lifestyle, how intelligent he was. I’m soulful, so you got Anthony Hamilton. I’d ride around and listen to Anthony Hamilton all day. I just like feeling. I like that spiritual s--t, the s--t that grabs your soul."

Watch the video above.