Nas wasn't exactly at his best when he showed up for his performance at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas on Friday (May 25). Actually, the rapper was reportedly drunk out of his mind – so drunk he rambled through his set and bailed after 10 minutes on stage.

In a video captured by a fan in the venue, Nas appears to be on a rooftop surrounded by a crowd of excited fans. It looks as though the Queens native could barely stand as he sways from side to side with his eyes slightly open.

"I’m the greatest Virgo to ever live … besides Doug E. Fresh," he declared while rambling through the lyrics to Michael Jackson's "Human Nature."

Unfortunately, it didn't stop there. Nas continued his set, taking it way back to his early hit "It Ain't Hard To Tell." While some fans may have been questioning Nas' state during the time of his performance, the rapper set the record straight, saying, "I'm just happy...Shout out to everybody living life." Shortly after, the rapper fled the scene.

Despite some worrying fans, others hopped on Twitter to suggest how a drunk Nas is normal at his live shows. One person stated that they've seen the rapper perform with an entire bottle of Hennessy.

Nevertheless, Nas' "disaster" performance comes shortly after his ex-wife, Kelis alleged their marriage was physically abusive. During their 4-year marriage, Kelis claimed Nas often drank excessively, which allegedly led to physical and verbal altercations. The couple is currently in the middle of a bitter custody battle over their son Knight.

Watch Nas' drunk performance below.