After being involved in a nearly fatal crash earlier this month, Offset bought the man who saved his life a new car. In a series of deleted tweets, Offset’s fiancée, Cardi B, explained to her followers how her husband-to-be crashed his Dodge Challenger into a tree. Allegedly, he was trying to avoid a “crackhead,” and that a then-unknown pedestrian saved Offset’s life. “God do unexplainable things,” Bardi tweeted. “Luckily a man was walking by, walked him home and just vanished. The Lord is real.”

Since being released from the hospital, the Migos member has been on a mission to find the man whose divine intervention saved his life. He accomplished this goal on Wednesday (May 30) when the Atlanta-native posted a picture of himself and his assumed hero with a new car that the rapper bought him. “Thank you Jmmar for helping save my life,” the tweet read. “God is good.”

This good samaritan's new Nissan Altima will serve as purposeful compensation for aiding in Offset’s rescue. According to several reports, the man did not have a car and was walking home from work when he saw Offset’s crumpled vehicle. Check out the tweet with Offset and his hero below.