All work and no play makes Pac Div go crazy for the ladies. The first half of 2018 has been insanely busy for the triad of seasoned MCs straight out of Los Angeles. After breaking their six-year hiatus with their high-profile EP 1st Baptist, Pac Div has been making grand-scale appearances at international events like the Dooinit Festival in France and serving up intense "PacFlix" like "Stoked."

As the rap group celebrates the success of their comeback, brothers LIKE and Mibbs along with their homie BeYoung deserve to sit back and kick it with the most beautiful on their radar. Their new video for "Gorgeous" allows them to do just that without integrating the complexities of their previous visuals.

"Those older videos were full of a lot of chopping and cutting," BeYoung told VIBE in an email. "So with 'Gorgeous,' we wanted to do something different. We wanted to focus on beautiful women as the canvas. We wanted to settle down and let the viewer soak in the beauty of the girls and their natural essence and their complex simplicity."

Pac Div reunites with their cohort Danny from Topshelf, who directed videos like “Top Down” and “Posted," to create a simple clip for the final video off the EP. All three MCs allow their #WCW to be the center of attention as they bring their record produced by ESTA from the Soulection crew to life.

"Ladies here’s one for you. Love, Pac Div," Mibbs adds.

Watch Pac Div's "Gorgeous" video below.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Darrian Ferguson