Change is inevitable even in the strongest of relationships. Rapper Emilio Rojas understands how change can make or break a loving bond between two partners. Once his girl showed her true colors and switched up on him, the Washington Heights native sensed that the love they had for each other would never be the way it used to be.

Months after walking through fire for immigrants everywhere on his previous track "Vámanos", Rojas is back with a smooth rap ballad that speaks on situationships that turn sour over time. "Used To" opens with a melancholy piano riff that loops as he describes the downfalls of his love life. He invites other MCs like Jarren Benton and Rexx Life Raj to describe their own heart-wrenching experiences over the somber instrumental by Kato On The Track.

"This record is about realizing the person that we are with isn’t the same person that we met," Rojas told VIBE. "but we’re holding on to the relationship because we’re still attached to the idea of it."

The single comes not long after Rojas collaborated with a gang of California rappers like Benton, Audio Push, Dizzy Wright, Demrick, Reezy, DJ Hoppa and Kato for their joint album, One Week Notice. "Used To" was created during their recording sessions for the album, but didn't make the final cut. However, Rojas refuses to consider this emotional track a throwaway.

Stream Emilio Rojas' "Used To" featuring Jarren Benton & Rexx Life Raj below.