There comes a point in time where, despite how fun the club can be at times, the superficial vanity and fair-weather friends gets the boot and it becomes time to grow. And VIAA’s beautifully encapsulates the growth with the self-described “anti-club” song, “Crash”.

"When I wrote ‘Crash’, I was making an effort to recognize the real ones in my life versus the surface level.” she explains exclusively to VIBE.

The gloomy, guitar backed song, produced by collaborator Yeti Beats, features VIAA singing an ode to escaping from the shallow lifestyle of club life, yet still paying homage to the turn-up. Her rich, alluring vocals perfectly captures the angst and boredom she’s experienced from it, while Yeti Beats provides a lush, dark, and engulfing soundscape that ironically brings listeners into the party, but from a different perspective that suddenly is not as fun as advertised (like most club parties), which does not prevent it from being any less of a bop.

VIAA explains the inspiration behind “Crash” further. “For me, a lot of those surface level relationships started when all I did was go out and party; before I really dove into making music seriously. So, I wanted "Crash" to be an anti-club - club track. Paying homage to the old me, but still keeping it real with the new me.”

The Los Angeles transplant has been gaining solid momentum after dropping her synth pop driven, empowerment anthem, “Run Around”, which hit 500k plays on Spotify. Prior to setting out on her own, she made her bones by performing behind the likes of Anderson .Paak, Willow Smith, and Doja Cat.

Check out the fascinating tune on Spotify now.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Courtesy of artist