A Brooklyn hair stylist reportedly threw their client through the window for complaining about his haircut, the New York Daily News reports.

The publication says that around 3 p.m. on Thursday afternoon (May 17) at Levels Barbershop in Crown Heights, a 33-year-old customer told his stylist that he was unhappy with his haircut, and threatened to withhold payment due to the disappointing job. This infuriated the barber, who reportedly shoved the man through one of the front store windows, slicing his face open.

"He didn't see the push coming," said one of the shop's barbers, Free Small. "All his body weight went through the window. You don't know how bad a situation is going to get before you even react, and even though you ain't mean to do it, it's done."

The stylist who injured the man reportedly ran off when it was discovered the man was bleeding. Paramedics took the victim to Kings County Hospital. The barbers at the scene, Small and Donald Romelus, both maintain that they don't know the stylist's name or how to reach him.

"I would have fixed the dude's hair for him for free. Especially if I knew it was going to be a problem." said Small. "I think it's a learning experience for everybody. Communication is key."