Teyana Taylor may have been enjoying Sunday's Mother's Day festivities with her family but today (May 14), she had all the time in the world to respond to accusations of choreography snatching by way of Azealia Banks.

In a recent behind-the-scenes clip for the upcoming Banks' video for "Anna Wintour," the  musician, who is embroiled in a beef with Cardi B, is seen dancing. An Instagram user commented that the choreography reminds them of Teyana's from the Kanye West "Fade" video.

Banks responded "lol you mean the choreography she stole from @bornready_matt and tried not to give him credit for until a lawyer got involved..." Matthew Pasterisa is the choreographer for the "Anna Wintour" visual.

Taylor, using the big mouth filter on Instagram/Snapchat, said "what stolen choreo?" The caption read, "@bornready_matt give ya friend some clarity with all her inaccurate information, so she can stop spewing out all of this false information."

Much of the "Fade" video was choreographed by Jae Blaze, however, Pasteria did have a hand in some of the moves, which were originally intended for use in a Beyonce video that didn't happen. He responded to today's chatter on his personal Instagram, writing that he felt like he was in the dark about the 2016 video, but all was okay between him and Taylor.

"Honestly, I didn’t know any thing about “FADE”, I didn’t Get any calls about it and I didn’t Receive any pay .... (SHE DID GIVE ME SOME CREDIT)," he wrote. "I was truly hurt and Felt Stolen from .... I took it with a Grain of Salt and Continued to remain Humble."

In a separate post, Taylor noted that since Kanye West is a spontaneous creative, no one knew when "Fade" was going to drop. Therefore, no one involved in the music video was compensated, not even its star.

"This could have all been avoided if you would have checked your friend [Banks] from the gate," she wrote. "[Fade] was an amazing look for EVERYONE involved INCLUDING YOU!!! In which you prematurely jumped in your feelings thinking that you weren’t credited."