During an appearance on Sway In The Morning on Thursday (May 17), the group The Internet revealed that their highly-anticipated follow up to 2015's Ego Death is on the way. The Grammy-nominated musicians told the host that they will drop Hive Mind on Jul. 20, and offered up an explanation as to what a "hive mind" is.

“If you google what ‘hive mind’ means, it’s basically a collective ego, a collective mind," says Matt Martians of the LP's title. "You know, when people are together they have a collective mindset, and I think when we’re together we all have a common goal, and we move in the same direction.”

"I think it’s just sharpened. If Ego Death was a pencil, it was, like, a good pencil," adds Steve Lacy. "It was a bit dull, but I’d say this pencil’s really sharp, and we’re gonna draw nice.”

The Cali-based collective already released one track from the upcoming album, titled "Roll (Burbank Funk)." A remix of the song by Kaytranada is also available for fans to enjoy. We can't wait to hear what else we may get from Hive Mind.

Listen to the group's comments on the upcoming heat around the 8:51 mark.