A YouTuber by the name of Nicole Arbour attempted to make a "Women's Edit" video of the current No. 1 song in the country, Childish Gambino's "This Is America." As expected, the white woman's stab at using the Internet-breaking video as a blueprint to make her own statement was met with heavy criticism.

The self-proclaimed Canadian comedian used her lambasted video to discuss the pay gap, rape and more issues that women have to face. However, the original intention of Glover's video was completely stripped away, leaving a whitewashed, eye-roll inducing mess.The original video was released late last week during the multi-hyphenate's appearance on Saturday Night Live. The much-dissected Hiro Murai-directed visual touches upon race relations and gun violence.

Arbour responded to the criticism on her Instagram page, writing "If you don’t like what someone makes, cool, find someone you do like. But saying I stole is just funny. Cultural appropriation would have been if I pretended I made it, and all the hate is really misdirected. Focus on real issues."

The YouTuber was in the news in 2015 after uploading a video to her  account about why she chooses to shame overweight people, and she made a video of herself attempting to explain black cultural appropriation. In her own words, "I'm not trying to appropriate and steal, I just really f**kin' like it."

Naturally, the Internet was merciless once it caught wind of Arbour's bland and tone-deaf recreation of Glover's well thought-out video. Read some of the responses below.