TMZ caught Tameka "Tiny" Harris leaving LAX, where she was prompted about Roseanne Barr's latest controversy, which caused her ABC sitcom to get the boot from the network.

"I heard about [the controversy]," the Xscape member said while walking through the airport. "I don't know exactly what she said." Barr's show was cancelled after she tweeted racist, Islamophobic remarks towards a former Obama aide.

According to the singer, who admits that she was a fan of the show, a reprimanding would have been sufficient, and cancelling Roseanne was a bit too extreme.

"I mean, I think she should have been reprimanded, I don't know," Tiny continued. "I don't know about cancelling the show, there could have been a lot of other ways she could have been dealt with." She concludes by explaining that although there have been other similar controversies with television stars, none of the networks went so far as to cancel a show because of it.

"I feel like it hasn't been that big as, you know, taking away someone's show...that was a big thing that she said," she said. "I feel bad for [the show's workers], now they're out of a job."

Watch her comments below.