As Wale continues to drop off his special care packages of EP and remixes, taking advantage of his new-found independence, out-of-nowhere (word to Randy Orton) he delivers fans an RKO surprise with his EP, Self-Promotion.

The MMG affiliated artist teased the four-track on his Twitter account after dropping its brooding trailer, which plays the tune of his previously released single “Negotiations”. Shortly after, the Washington D.C. native  cleansed his Instagram of all his pictures and videos, posting only the EP’s trailer and cover art. The surprise EP includes its lead track along with three other lyrical bangers, sans artist features besides the lone contribution from DJ Money. It also includes a mini movie, which he also tweeted.

Though it was unexpected by many, it seems as thought many true-blue Wale and WWE fans were in on the secret as Monday Night Raw announcer Corey Graves announced that the rapper would be releasing new music soon.

Self-Promotion will be his second EP of the year, after dropping It’s Complicated earlier in March 2018. He has yet to reveal any plans for a full length follow up to 2015’s Shine via Atlantic Records.

Stream the EP below on Apple Music, Spotify, and/or TIDAL.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Maya Darasaw/Billboard