Whitney Houston’s legend status and star power were obvious; it was something everyone knew. But what they weren't aware of left a blank space filled with speculation.

A new film on the singer’s life will attempt to put that to rest. The trailer for the documentary style film Whitney is a collection of candid recollections and private moments, carried along by her friends and family members, including Bobby Brown, Gary Garland, and Clive Davis. Fans will say that Houston appeared to float through the earliest parts of her career and into peak fame but that’s not what it appeared to be. “People think it’s so easy and it’s not,” Houston reflects in one scene. Pressure came at her on all sides. Moments later, she moves on to a new topic. “Paula Abdul ain’t s**t,” she said. “That girl is singing off-key on the record."

The trailer highlights the highs and the lows in the late singer’s life. Documented footage and backstage audio are strung together to physicalize her legacy and humanize her, once and for all. It covers her struggle with addiction through the eyes of her family and friends and the entry point for instability in her relationship with Bobby Brown. "He wanted to be on the stage; he wanted to be [at] the forefront. And eventually, she stepped down to lift him up,” an interviewee remembered.

The clip becomes a surfeit of questions, asked of her friends and family to mimic the most controversial and unanswered questions about Houston. Relatives admit oblivion and tears are shed, but her legacy is clarified.

The film, set to release on July 6 in the U.S., promises answers to the most asked questions about the star. It will be the second documentary about Houston’s life, following Whitney: Can I Be Me, which premiered last year. The director, Kevin McDonald, will have his film played Wednesday (May 16) at the Cannes Film Festival, Deadline reports.

Watch the trailer above.