A Georgia woman who was set to be married was left brain damaged after receiving cosmetic surgery a few weeks earlier.

Icilma Cornelius, 54, went to the medical spa and cosmetic surgery center of Dr. Windell Boutte in Lilburn, Ga. While she went in for just Botox and another anti-wrinkle treatment, Cornelius was convinced by members of the staff to get cosmetic surgery to give her a flat stomach before her big day. However, during the surgery, her heart stopped and chaos ensued.

"The office wasn’t equipped to handle the emergency and had to call 911. Paramedics got the patient’s heart going, but getting her in the ambulance was delayed," writes the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. "Worried about possible infection from open incisions, Boutte and an employee sutured Cornelius’ skin, and then, because the stretcher wouldn’t fit in the elevator, paramedics had to carry it down stairs."

What resulted was permanent brain damage and a lawsuit against Boutte, who is also being sued by two other former patients who claim she and her staff prioritize money over safety.

"Boutte’s surgery suite was not an accredited operating room or licensed surgery center. During Cornelius’ surgery, it didn’t have the monitoring equipment to quickly detect changes in respiration, the lawsuit alleged."

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: ACJ.com/ Courtesy Of Family Of Icilma Cornelius