Young Dolph's "Get Paid" single took on many forms this week when two campus baristas from Duke University were fired for the playing the track. The students got the last laugh as they ended up on stage with the rapper for his set at this year's Rolling Loud festival.

The Memphis rapper brought out Britni Brown and Kevin Simmons Friday (May 10) as he performed some of his biggest jams. Before jumping into "Get Paid," Dolph gave the two students a shout out. On Monday (May 7) the students were fired from their barista gigs at Joe Van Gogh after Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Moneta heard the song playing over the speakers. The students were unaware of what could and couldn't be played in the shop, but Moneta reportedly "verbally harassed" Brown over her Spotify playlist.

Dolph on the other hand was touched by their music choice. The rapper flew the students out and surprised them with $20,000. "I know for a fact that VP at that school gets money, but he doesn't get money like Dolph," he said before handing over the cash. "Until you find a new job, I got $20,000 for you right now."

His track "Get Paid" is also doing quite well. His video has racked up over a million views on YouTube. It's expected to grow as this incident mirrors the chaos behind Vince Staples' "Norf Norf." The single, while already a bop, blew up after an emotionally distraught mother created a YouTube clip of her reaction to the single. Meanwhile, fellow Duke students have called out Moneta for the firing on social media.

Check out "Get Paid" below.

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