Everyone's worried about the cancellation criteria for celebrities, but to producer Xavier Dotson, best known as Zaytoven, talent trumps all. The 38-year-old visited Complex's "Open Letter" to promote Trapholizay, his debut album and didn't hesitate to utter his opinion on more controversial issues.

Zaytoven spoke with Peter Rosenberg about whether the sexual assault allegations interfere with his fandom at all. "R. Kelly, to me, for my time is almost like the Michael Jackson of music. I'm an R. Kelly fan," he said. A visibly confused Rosenberg then asked, "Do you choose to ignore the stories that are out there?" But Zaytoven doesn't believe you should stray away from a great musician, despite the artist's happenings.

"I haven't really paid the stories that much attention," he said. "It could be the fact that I think he's so great a musician that I don't even care about or wanna hear what the stories are."

When Rosenberg challenged that with what the rumors say, detailing his pattern of luring and kidnapping, Zaytoven chalked it up to a woman's choice to go with Kelly, refuting the idea that he would force anyone. "I think any woman that's going with R. Kelly, whatever, that's the choice that they chose to do," he said.

Other forces don't agree. The streaming service Spotify removed the singer's music from all of their playlists, in line with their mission to remain hate-free. Earlier this month, 2 more women came forward with stories about the alleged cult, reinvigorating attention to 20 years worth of sexual misconduct charges.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Should you separate the gifted artist from the troubled human being?