21 Savage voiced his opinion about Atlanta rappers during an Instagram Live session. What started as a candid conversation with fans on a Thursday night (Jun. 14) turned into a rant of sorts about MCs from the Georgia city.

"To keep it all the way one thousand, bruh, all these Atlanta rappers some b***h a** n****s," he told the camera. "I ain't even gonna lie. H**s. All of em, one hundred percent. Straight up. I say that in the humblest way. You n****s some b****es, man. I'm tired of this sh*t."

Later in his conversation, he discusses the materialistic tendencies rappers from this area possess.

"I done seen some sh*t in these past couple months that I've never seen in my life," he continued."What do y'all n****s stand for?" the "Bank Account" spitter asked. "Do ya'll n****s have any type of morals or codes about the way y'all live? It's like y'all n****s don't give a f**k about nothin' but Balenciaga shoes. That's all y'all n****s care about. Balenciaga shoes, nice cars...y'all n****s don't stand for sh*t."

While there was no rhyme or reason for the comments, 21 was in the news recently for reportedly pulling a gun out during a pool party in Atlanta.