There's been a lot of uneasiness inside the G-Unit camp. And from the looks of it, the Unit that ran the early 2000s with catchy and fun street music has officially come to an end.

The G-Unit general, 50 Cent, took to his Instagram account to announce that punchline king, Lloyd Banks is no longer a member of the crew.

"Check out my boy Lloyd bank$.New Mix tape coming soon," writes 50. "Independence Day, he is doing his own thing and you know it’s gonna be loaded with bars. (Check him out) PLK get the strap."

The issue that caused 'Fif and Banks to separate is unclear. On 50's PnB Rock-assisted single, "Crazy," the Queens hinted at tension by rapping: 'And Banks, me and him don't even talk no more," however, he didn't go into detail about their disagreement.

G-Unit's 2003 debut album Beg for Mercy went double. Banks debut album, The Hunger for More debuted No. 1 on Billboard 200 chart. But somewhere down the line, the childhood friends drifted apart. During a 2014 interview with MTV, 50 claimed that he started drifting away from Banks after his father died, and he became musically uninspired.  "Alright, he passed away, but you can't just go home and stay home," 50 said.