Andrea Kelly, the ex-wife of R. Kelly, tearfully looked back on her tumultuous relationship with the polarizing singer, including the moment she contemplated suicide.

On Wednesday (June 13), Sister Circle shared two videos of their interview with Kelly; one where she recalled the traumatic incident and another where she spoke to the parents of alleged sex cult victim Joycelyn Savage. In the first video, host and singer Syleena Johnson asked her when she decided to end her marriage to the singer. The two were married for nearly 13 years and have three children together. During their marriage, Kelly was was acquitted of 14 counts of child pornography in 2009. The two filed for divorce later that year.

While speaking to Johnson, a very emotional Kelly explains how she contemplated jumping off her balcony. She also explained how her faith saved her from ending her life.

"I remember looking down," she said as she described how she had one foot on the ledge and other in the air. "It's almost like God was able to let me see in the future. I saw my body laying in blood, I saw ambulance come, the housekeeping coming out and saying, 'She jumped from there.' I remember hearing my babies voices, 'Why did Mommy jump? Why did she leave us like this?' And I said, 'Okay God. You have to give me an answer, not today, not tomorrow, right now."

Kelly said got back into her home and looked up signs of domestic violence online, where she discovered how the R&B singer met most the requirements of an abuser. "Out of the 17, he met 15 of them."

In the next video, Kelly offers words of wisdom to J. and Tim Savage, the parents of Joycelyn Savage. Their 22-year-old daughter was one of the alleged victims of R.Kelly's "sex cult." Savage's parents spoke with BuzzFeed News about how their daughter was courted by Kelly in hopes of creating her music career. Instead, the two became an item and communication with her parents were reportedly kept at a minimum.

R. Kelly's string of sexual misconduct accusations continued recently, where Faith A. Rodgers filed a lawsuit against the singer in May. The Texas native says she dated Kelly for a year and was mentally, emotionally and physically abused. Like many victims before her, Rodgers claimed in the suit she faced “non-consensual oral and vaginal intercourse" and was infected with herpes.

Kelly has brushed off accusations and lawsuits, claiming the women are looking for financial compensation.