Musician Azealia Banks has launched a GoFundMe page in an effort to raise money to sue Russell Crowe. The "Anna Wintour" artist claims that the Aussie actor spat on her, restrained her, choked her and called her racial slurs at a 2016 party that she attended with RZA.

“This isn’t about a big payday for me, it’s about letting the world know that black women are victims to the same sort of disgusting violence men in Hollywood deal out to women and it’s important to send a message that black women also deserve justice and will get justice in these situations," she wrote on the site.

"If I were a white singer he wouldn’t have even thought about laying a finger on me," she continued. "So many things like this happen in the entertainment industry and it’s time that ALL these perpetrators get reprimanded so they STOP this violent behavior !!"

After reports of the alleged incident swirled, Banks said irreparable damage was done to her career. RZA said that Banks was acting in a violent, terrorizing manner towards the other partygoers. She responded that RZA was "gaslight[ing]" her. She attempted to file a battery report against Crowe in 2016, but it was thrown away after it was determined his attack was “justified to prevent the imminent violence threatened by Banks."

According to the GoFundMe, proceeds raised will be donated to ocean clean up charities. Just over $1900 has been raised of her $100,000 goal.

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