Chance The Rapper surprised several high school students during his recent OpenMike Chicago event by providing them with a special appearance and performance from his collaborator Childish Gambino.

Gambino, who recently scored his first number one single "This Is America," performed the rousing track on Monday night (Jun. 12) as a graduation present for the eager and very surprised event goers during OpenMike's 30th show.

"My next guest needs no introduction," said Chance to the audience. "So let's try it." The audience rushed to the stage as soon as the first few notes of the song blared on the loud speakers. Gambino was not billed to appear at the event, so the performance was certainly a surprise these students shouldn't forget anytime soon.

OpenMike is a monthly event held in order to give Chicago's young artists a chance to be seen and heard. It's brought to the public by the Chicago Public Library and Chance's SocialWorks charity organization, which has raised millions for Chicago's art programs.

"SocialWorks builds every event with goals of providing youth a platform to be leaders," socialWorks' website says about the organization's mission. "Through volunteering, dialogue, and performance, one moves with effectiveness while creating positive relationships within one’s community."